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There is a lot to say about Six-Winners Consulting. Here some information that our customers appreciate:
Six Sigma Training
Six Sigma Audits
Six Sigma Consulting & Coaching
Six Sigma Voice of Customer
Six Sigma Software Support
Six Sigma Human Resources &Chance Management
Six Sigma Training & Licencing
Get the full range of Six Sigma trainings, for Champions, Black Belts, Green Belts, Master Black Belts, Train-the-Trainers, etc.
Get the broad range of training for Process Management, Improvement (DMAIC), Design (DMADV and Innovation) and Lean Management
Get the training for your specific industry, such as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Software and IT, etc.
Tailor your training according to the size of your company (large, middle and small)
Use different learning approaches by blending in-class, on-line and other training types
Upgrade your training material to today's new advanced system
License the training material for your company and modify it for your needs and much more
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