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There is a lot to say about Six-Winners Consulting. Here some information that our customers appreciate:
Six Sigma Training
Six Sigma Audits
Six Sigma Consulting & Coaching
Six Sigma Voice of Customer
Six Sigma Software Support
Six Sigma Human Resources &Chance Management
Six Sigma Human Resources & Chance Management
Who are the best people for your initiative?
Support in selecting the best people for your Six Sigma initiative with the use of powerful human resources analyses, development and team composition systems
How are your Six Sigma people perceiving the Six Sigma initiative and how can you support them?
Get insights on to support your highest valued asset in your Six Sigma initiative
Where do you find the best Six Sigma people outside your company?
Support in finding excellent people for your deplyoment
Are you transforming your company and maximizing your cultural change? Use new change management approaches and drive changes creating multiple win-win situation with all stakeholders in a company and the customers and much more
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