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There is a lot to say about Six-Winners Consulting. Here some information that our customers appreciate:
Six Sigma Training
Six Sigma Audits
Six Sigma Consulting & Coaching
Six Sigma Voice of Customer
Six Sigma Software Support
Six Sigma Human Resources &Chance Management
Six Sigma Consulting & Coaching
How to link the corporate strategy and tactics with the Six Sigma initiative
How to complement your existing system (e.g. EFQM, ISO 9000, Balanced Scorecard…)  with the power of Six Sigma
How to build a successful Six Sigma infrastructure
How to take care about all relevant stakeholder to transform your company
How to calculate the Return on Investment of a Six Sigma initiative and how to choose the right resources for the highest Return on Investment
How to start and lead a successful Six Sigma Initiative with the support to Champions and Leadership-Teams
How to select, start and finish well Six Sigma Projects (including hands on project support) and much more
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